We Install Interior Car Upgrades in Amarillo, TX


Whether you’re embarking on a road trip or just driving to work, sitting in your car should be a pleasant experience. If you find yourself fiddling with an outdated dashboard or squirming in an uncomfortable seat, it’s time to give your car an update.

Driver’s Edge installs interior car upgrades, including auto audio systems, in Amarillo, TX. We carry a number of top auto accessory brands, such as Katzkin and Advent. Come by Driver’s Edge today to speak with a member of our staff about interior car upgrades in Amarillo, TX.


Visit Driver’s Edge in Amarillo, Texas today to give your car some modern updates. We can install any interior car upgrades, including:

  • Leather kit conversions
  • Drop-down DVD players
  • Headrest DVD players
  • Full-range auto audio systems
  • Speakers and components
  • In-dash navigation systems
  • Interior lighting
  • Seat heaters

We have everything you need to improve your car’s interior. Stop by Driver’s Edge in Amarillo, TX today to browse our complete selection of auto accessories.


30% LVT

Besides the pleasing aesthetic reasons, there are tangible benefits to tinting your windows. By blocking almost 100% of UVA and UVB radiation you are not only keeping yourself and the interior cooler on hot days, you are preventing the damage that UV radiation causes to your skin and to the interior plastic, upholstery and leather which can crack, fade and become brittle over time.

20% LVT

Hybrid films are a balance between dyed and metalized. They reflect solar energy and the dye allows hybrids to have lower visible light reflectivity and a pleasing appearance. However, because of the dye, hybrid films still change with time. The FX-HP films are hybrid polyester films.

15% LVT

Many films contain both dyes and reflective metals. By combining dyes and metals in various proportions, the negative effects of each can be reduced without sacrificing performance. A good example is gray dye and titanium coating. If used alone, dye would darken the film significantly, while the titanium would produce a highly mirrored surface. When paired together, less of each can be used, but it results in a film that is relatively light and non-reflective.

5% LVT

Window tint, for our purposes, is a film that is applied to the interior of the glass in our automobiles. This film is constructed of multiple layers. These layers included layers on the outside that protect the interior of the film from scratches and such and prevent shattering, a water-activated pressure-sensitive adhesive and with interior layers that block UV radiation and do the actual tinting.
Did you know that America has one of the highest rates of melanoma-type skin cancer in the world? Can you guess the most common site where skin cancer is found? Surprisingly, it is on our left arms. No lie. Americans own and drive more automobiles than any other nation and we invariably rest our arm on the left window sill. We find ourselves driving for hours, many times for the sheer pleasure of it. And we get skin cancer on that arm. Window tint can help prevent that cancer by blocking almost 100% of the cancer-causing UV radiation.

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