Add a high quality Custom Subwoofer Box and finally have the one car audio modification that you not only hear, but FEEL!
We offer Custom Truck Subwoofer Boxes as well as Custom Car Subwoofer Enclosures. Start feeling the rhythm of your tune.


Customer Service

We don’t want to be just a “buy it here” type of store.   If you have questions, we want to answer them.  We love to talk to people about transforming their car or truck.  There is no reason not to ask questions if you have them.  You can call us at (806) 353-1116 or email us at

We can help you with everything from choosing the right enclosure for your vehicle to helping you pick out subwoofers.  Already have subwoofers?  We can make sure they will fit and perform optimally in the subwoofer enclosure and if they won’t, we tell you up front.  Need an amplifier?  We can help you with that too.


Sure you could build your own enclosure. But how much time are you going to spend just designing the box and getting everything just right? Then, you have to build the box and hope everything comes together just right and, you don't have to start over (you know we have all done this once). Then, you get the joy of carpeting this oddly shaped enclosure, and cleaning glue off of all your tools. You might get this all done in 10-12 hours, and then the weekend is half over when you could have been out enjoying your tunes. Is your time worth $15/hour? That subwoofer box just cost you $150 -$180 and that doesn't include any materials. Enjoy your time!  Leave the work to us.


Do you hate your factory sound system? Or maybe you updated the head unit and speakers already and you are still not happy? You need bass! In just a hour or two, you can install your subwoofers into one of our boxes and BOOM, you have a whole new sound system that is making your friends say “Wow”!  You just became the person they all want to ride with. A simple addition of a Drivers Edge subwoofer system added to your factory car stereo can make people think you spent hundreds of dollars on a completely new stereo and they never have to know the truth.