We have been awarded business from the local community for the past 15 years, due to having the best customer service, quality installations, and the determination to make our customers feel proud of our work. Any other awards would just be clutter on our walls.
Car of the Yr. If your car has won any awards, and you got your work done here, let us know, and we'll post your story and photos here.
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All TINT referrals will receive a 10% discount on their next purchase
Phil - Kevin's partner, and co-owner.  Phil has been in the auto-accessorizing business for more than 14 years.
Phill's has earned the National MECP Certification in 1999, but has been working with electronics for more than 14 years. Phil has been tinting window since 2003, and is very proud of his abilities
Kevin Phill's partner, and co-owner who's squeegee have seen more than 7500 vehicles over the past 8 years.
Kevin's meticulous attention to detail has retained high customer loyalty and encouraged customer referrals for his high quality window tinting.
BJ is referred to as Drivers Edge's "Wiz Kid" due to his insufferable electronic obsession.

BJ has compiled 10 years of electronic authority, and is eager to impress you with what he offers to the business.
Window Tinting
Stereo Upgrades
Keyless Start/Entry
DVD Installations
Custom Speaker/Amps
Alarm Systems
Upholstery Sets
Grills and Roll cages
Drivers Edge is located off of I-27 at 5801 Canyon Dr. We are east of Western St. You can click the photo to view a Google map of our location.
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